Terms and Conditions

Terms of Use

SEO Solutions Pro is widely recognized owing to its high-quality content writing and excellent link-building service. To ensure the smooth continuation of our services, we accept a full-fledge fee before we start providing our services and campaigns. Furthermore, it does not matter that whether you are a client or service partner, you shall have to abide by the following terms and conditions about the services offered by SEO Solutions Pro.


SEO Solutions Pro Services

  • Based upon your subscription, SEO Solution Pro will deliver the following services in connection to SEO.
  • To disseminate link prominence by attaining backlinks from other websites.
  • To attract potential bloggers that shall assist in publishing content thereby advancing customer’s brand value.
  • To produce written as well as visual content like blogs and articles.
  • Create placements and submission reports.



  • We fully comply with the principle of clandestineness meaning that we never divulge any terms and conditions finalized with our clients to any third party. Moreover, we stringently maintain our agreement between SEO Solutions Pro and the first-person client.
  • SEO Solutions Pro preserves the discretionary power to invoke any changes to anchor text and order details to maintain the fascinating outcome.
  • We never pledge for permanent links on any particular blog or website. We endeavor our level best to uphold an excellent link profile.
  • In the case of recurring link-building packages, the order is viable for cancellation or refund only within the 5 days of placing the order. After the stipulated time frame, no cancellation request would be entertain because the team will start the campaign by then.
  • We are not obliged to refund even a penny after events of subscription elimination or the job is delivered long before time.
  • SEO Solutions Pro never assumes the onus of any damages or losses inflicted to the clients website (consequential and incidental) by the way of claims by third-party sites. The whole responsibility of any loss or damage rests upon you as an end-user.
  • It is pertinent to mention here that if search engines policies come under any kind of changes and if that changes may lead to the expulsion of client websites from directories, blogs, and other websites then SEO Solution Pro is not responsible.
  • To the best of your knowledge that the SEO Solutions Pro is an outsourced SEO service provider therefore we never warrant any favorable changes in keywords, phrases, or searches. We vehemently disown any unpredictable changes that may occur after publishing backlinks.
  • SEO Solution Pro will never be held responsible if the client exercises any third-party services which link to & link farms or & bad neighborhoods.




  • This is one of our prime objectives to uphold the privacy and secrecy of customer’s information to ensure a trust-based relationship. However, few and far between, we only exchange data that we consider necessary with any third party and that too is subjected to the clients autonomous approval.
  • The electronic agreement between SEO Solutions Pro and the client remains intact with the client autonomous accord.
  • This agreement shall never be deemed as NDA, unless and until both parties are named as SEO Solutions Pro and the client resorted to any kind of legal agreement in manually written form.



  • If the client is found involved in any kind of illegitimate and offensive websites and industries then as an effective countermeasure, this agreement shall stand nullified having no legal effect.
  • Any content which corroborates hate, defamation, racism, animal abuse, or any act taken for maligning any person, community, and institution will be extremely considered offensive and may usher to the eradication of the agreement. Moreover, the onus of the whole saga shall rest upon the client which may ensue unfavorable consequences.
  • Therefore as a customer favor, we strongly recommend you that be in contact with us and get valuable information if you are unsure about the nature of the order that you are going to place.