Privacy Policy

We as SEO Solutions Pro reiterate our firm resolve and determination to protect the valuable personal’s data that we collect from various visitors and users. In todays digital world, we are much aware of the sensitivity of data and information of our esteemed customers, therefore we have never and shall never utilize it to initiate a trade with any third party.


Here are some highlights that how we amass your information and then ensure its confidentiality.


Surely, you would have a transparent picture of the whole procedure if you have already remained in touch with our services that how we gather your rudimentary information that includes your name and email address aimed at keeping you in a loop about SEO Solutions Pro updates, tools and your purchases.


To remain focus, ameliorate user experience, provide users specific content, and display relevant ads, we overwhelmingly exercise the services of cookies to pile up complete information when you browse our blog or website. The information that we intend to catch includes IP address, device type, and standard internet log data on your activity on your website. Whenever you explore our website, these cookies accommodating your information always reside on your device. Therefore, in the future, we employ these cookies to display your interest-related data and ads in connection with your activity on our website.


Remember that all this information accumulated via cookies is only through the device which dwells our website in its browsing history and purchases made on it. These cookies are employed as a rigid tool to measure the efficacy and potency of our marketing campaigns. These cookies are never intended to fetch information that you feel unnecessary to provide.


Whenever you visit our website, you concurred to maintain these cookies on your device and you provide us access to them whenever you turn up again. But inculcate in your mind that you can wipe out all these cookies from the setting section of your browser at the time of your own comfort without facing any difficulty.

We strenuously oppose any idea to wield your personal data for selling, renting, and trading purposes with any third party. However, for the sake of offering you our level best services, few and far between, we share it with few categories of companies providing them access privileges that we deem necessary. Conspicuous services include:


From the inception of business relations, Payment service providers cope with payment-related matters.


Expert service providers including website hosts, marketing agencies, and advertising partners.


Law enforcement and fraud prevention agencies to curb any untoward situation۔


On the condition of your accord, we always broadcast all news updates regarding new tools and products to you. Moreover, whenever we inject or infuse anything worthy in our services, product and offers, we abruptly intimate you so that you can reap maximum benefits. In addition to this, if you have signed up with SEO Solutions Pro then you will receive updates on a regular basis regarding your account and order updates so that we can rightly deliver on our contact with you.


We have employed robust privacy and security strategies in line with modern principles to protect your personal data against any malicious attack and to foil any unauthorized access. We have vigorously tested processes in place to collect, store and process your data securely. Apart from this, all of our communication with customers aimed at exchanging any kind of sensitive information takes place via an SSL secured channel. Besides this, it is protected by employing digital signatures.


While visiting our website, users may witness third-party ads on our pages, by clicking on which may lead visitors to the others websites which includes our partners, advertisers, licensors, sponsors, suppliers, and lot more parties. Therefore, we are here to officially disown whatever practices these websites employ because they have their own policies to operate so we strongly evince our abandonment from any unfavorable results. These websites and services are subjected to change incessantly owing to their discretionary power. We repose our relinquishment from any kind of untoward consequences resulting from interacting with other websites via links or ads given on SEO Solution Pro.